OMMM Reiki MIOMMM :  Interdimensional Vibrational Frequency, Sri Yantra
Reiki  :  Channelled Universal Life Force/Love Energy 日本語
MI :  MI-Ra Gestorum/Miracle, 528hz DNA Repair, Love, ME ❤

OMMM Reiki MI is a synergy of healing methods integrated into a holistic approach to self-healing.  OMMM Reiki MI includes the use of Reiki, both Tibetan and Usui methods through Chikara-Reiki-Do (Which is an integrated form of Reiki that allows Masters to attune themselves through using Living Water.), Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, and Solfeggio Body Tuning (tuning forks and vibrational sound healing).

OMMM Reiki MI facilitates the removal of energy blocks to healing that may be present in the Emotional body, the Mental body or the Physical body, this allows free flow of energy through the energy meridian and chakra systems which assists in facilitating self healing on all levels.  The method requires that the intent is clear for the individuals to heal themselves.  Healthy food, water and exercise are important part of overall health and recommendations may be made for a homeopathic, naturopathic or ayurvedic consultation, depending on the individuals needs.

We say “self-healing” as truely the body is a powerful healing machine!  When all the bodies (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) are nourished and “sound”….complete health and wellness is rapidly realized.