Retune Your Instruments to Solfeggio Frequencies!

Friends of Heavenly Healing Music and Planetary Transformation. . . .

After reading Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE (Tetrahedron, LLC; 1-888-508-4787). many people have opted to purchase the 528 Hz frequency tuning fork to retune stringed instruments, or direct vocals in this “Miracle 6” Frequency of LOVE. LIVE H2O co-sponsor Healthy World Distributing, LLC sells this fork in a set of nine tuning forks comprising the Perfect Circle of Sound. To purchase this set, or a single 528Hz tuning fork click here. You can also get a high quality tuning set from that can be used for self healing!

To bless humanity with this Divine frequency, especially since this technology derives from prophetic revelation, mathematical analysis, and physics, this website was created to help distribute this blessing, and instrument retuning know-how, free of charge.

To tune a guitar or stringed instrument to the 528Hz LOVE frequency, simply CLICK HERE. Then retune your “A” guitar string, at the third “C” fret, to the sound of 528 “C” that you hear using the free online player. Next, retune your other strings to this string as usual.

If you wish to retune your synthesizer there is now a tutorial online at YouTube. In addition, there is a preliminary study that you will want to read in HYDROSONICS: The Journal of Hydrosonic Creationism that is helpful and eye-opening in-so-far-as the “A” 440Hz standard tuning is concerned, and how it was suspiciously derived. Please share this information with other musicians who may wish to stop doing harm with 440Hz and promote health and healing with 528Hz.

Certain synthesizers can easily adjust to 528Hz or other frequencies of “The Perfect Circle of Sound™.” Here is a chart showing the tuning adjustments for the original Solfeggio scale and their equivalents to standard tuning determined by SomaMagic’s sound engineer, Michael Walton, using tuning forks, Korg’s chromatic tuner, and a Korg Oasys synthesizer:

(Note: The interval between 528Hz and 741Hz is called the “Devil’s interval” or “Devil’s tone” in classical musicology. The use of these two notes in combination is discouraged due to their highly dissonant vibrations.)

There you have it! Retune your instruments to nature’s vibrations and “Go Divine in 2009”